Qualia Focus Review – My 30 Day Experience and Comparison to Qualia Mind

Qualia Focus is a nootropic made by Neurohacker Collective. A company from Carlsbad, California. It is run by a group of thinkers, scientists, and biohackers.

One Qualia Focus bottle with 100 capsules = one month supply

In this article, you will get my 30 Day Review of Qualia Focus and my comparison with their higher-end product Qualia Mind.

Last update: Aug 11, 2019

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To make it short: Qualia Focus works for me. I feel more focused and less distracted while working on creative and cognitive tasks on my computer. It also works while meditating or just taking a walk in the forest. I feel more present and focused.


The suggested serving size is 5 capsules. 5 days a week on, and 2 days off to prevent you from building up a resistance. I even took less: Only 3 capsules in the last days. Because for me that feels like the right balance. If I take 5, it feels like too much.
Which also means that one bottle lasts longer than a month.

Qualia Mind vs. Qualia Focus

Compared to Qualia Mind: I prefer Qualia Mind.

Instead of just having that narrow focus, Qualia Mind also delivers a broader awareness and general presence.

Qualia Focus brings about a laser beam focus on one task whereas Qualia Mind brings a general wider ocean of clarity and presence in the moment plus a focus effect – if you focus on one task at a time.

And this ocean of clarity, this wider presence, I don’t feel it with Qualia Focus.

You can read my 30-day Qualia Mind review here.


One advantage of Qualia Focus is the lower price. And if you use my coupon code MAXHUG, you even save 15% more on every order.

As a subscription product, Qualia Mind comes at a price of 119 USD per month. Whereas Qualia Focus is just half of that: only 59 USD per month.


So if you have to save money: Qualia Focus is the way to go. It definitely brings you an increase in focus and productiveness.

If you can afford Qualia Mind: I would definitely choose Qualia Mind over Qualia Focus for the added broad awareness and overall presence.

Save on Qualia Focus

If you sign up for a monthly subscription with Neurohacker, you get 50% off the first month. So actually you can try both products with a big discount. Use my coupon code MAXHUG to save an extra 15%.

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