Qualia Mind Essentials Review – My 30 Day Experience and Comparison to Qualia Mind

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Last updated: November 16, 2020

Qualia Mind Essentials is a nootropic made by Neurohacker Collective. A company from Carlsbad, California. It is run by a group of thinkers, scientists, and biohackers.

Note: Qualia Mind Essentials was previously called Qualia Focus. It is the same formula, just a new name.

In this article, you will get my 30 Day Review of Qualia Mind Essentials and my comparison with their higher-end product Qualia Mind.

One bottle of Qualia Mind Essentials with 100 capsules

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To make it short: Qualia Mind Essentials works for me. I feel more focused and less distracted while working on creative and cognitive tasks on my computer. It also works while meditating or just taking a walk in the forest. I feel more present and focused.


The suggested serving size is 5 capsules. 5 days a week on, and 2 days off to prevent you from building up a resistance. I even took less: Only 3 capsules in the last days. Because for me that feels like the right balance. If I take 5, it feels like too much.
Which also means that one bottle lasts longer than a month.

Side Effects

Qualia Mind Essentials had no side effects for me. I personally take it with food to avoid any stomach upsets.

Qualia Mind vs. Qualia Mind Essentials

Compared to Qualia Mind: I prefer Qualia Mind.

Instead of just having that narrow focus, Qualia Mind also delivers a broader awareness and general presence.

Qualia Mind Essentials brings about a laser beam focus on one task whereas Qualia Mind brings a general wider ocean of clarity and presence in the moment plus a focus effect – if you focus on one task at a time.

And this ocean of clarity, this wider presence, I don’t feel it with Qualia Mind Essentials.

You can read my 30-day Qualia Mind review here.

Qualia Mind Essentials vs. Qualia Focus

Neurohacker recently renamed some of their products. Qualia Focus is now named Qualia Mind Essentials. The formula is the same.


One advantage of Qualia Mind Essentials is the lower price. And if you use my Neurohacker coupon code MAXHUG, you even save 15% more on every order.

As a subscription product, Qualia Mind comes at a price of 119 USD per month. Whereas Qualia Mind Essentials is just half of that: only 59 USD per month.


So if you have to save money: Qualia Mind Essentials is the way to go. It definitely brings you an increase in focus and productiveness.

If you can afford Qualia Mind: I would definitely choose Qualia Mind over Qualia Mind Essentials for the added broad awareness and overall presence.

Save on Qualia Mind Essentials

If you sign up for a monthly subscription with Neurohacker, you get 50% off the first month. So actually you can try both products with a big discount. Use my coupon code MAXHUG to save an extra 15%.

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