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Biohackers invest so much money on tools, supplements, experiences, and most importantly: in themselves.

Here you will find promo & discount codes for biohacking products. So you biohackers can save some cash.

Biohacking Discount Codes

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1% For The Planet

If you use any of my affiliate or coupon codes above, I will get a small commission from the brand without any cost to you. This helps to create more content for you and also supports 1% For The Planet.

1% For The Planet is an organization that brings businesses (like mine) together with impact NGOs that work on protecting and healing the planet. Every member commits at least 1% of it’s revenue to donations of audited NGOs.

Max Hug

Max Hug


Max publishes his experiments on holistic health, biohacking, flow and consicousness on this blog and his YouTube.