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Last updated: November 10, 2023 – Coupon Code without expiration date

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If you want to save some cash on your order you can use my coupon code MAXHUG to get 10% off your order. The code doesn’t have an expiration date, so you can use it indefinitely!

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No expiration date

About Onnit & My Experience

Onnit is a sports, nutrition and fitness company founded by Aubrey Marcus in Austin Texas. I visited the Onnit Gym in Austin, TX in 2019 and tested their products Alpha Brain and Alpha Brain Black Label.

I was also part of the Fit For Service Mastermind Group by Aubrey Marcus. So I am quite a fan of the whole organization. Just recently I became an affiliate for Onnit and I am happy to offer you my own discount code.

Good To Know about the Onnit Promocode

Onnit offers promo codes that give 10% off your order. All partners (like me) get the same type of Onnit promocode that will give customers 10% off their order.

So there is no need to search further for other promo codes. Discounts are sometimes not applicable to subscription orders because you already get a discount through the subscription itself.

How To Apply The Onnit Coupon Code

Just open “your bag” at and click on “Apply coupon or gift card”. Type in MAXHUG and hit the Black button right next to it. Here is a quick video tutorial:

Screenshare showing how to apple a coupon code at
It’s as easy as that!

FAQ on Onnit Coupon Codes

What is the Onnit coupon code?
Enter Coupon Code MAXHUG for 10% off.
Are there discount codes for Onnit?
Yes, there are multiple discount codes for Onnit by partners and content creators like Max Hug.
What is the biggest Onnit discount?
Onnit offers seasonal sales and offers discounts on subscription products. For regular products you can use a promocode to get 10% off regular products.
Where do I find an Onnit promocode?
You will find Onnit promocodes on coupon sites and supplement review blogs like this one.
Where do I enter the Onnit coupon code?
  1. Open your cart. Onnit calls this “Your Bag”. You’ll find the bag in the upper right corner on
  2. Within your bag, you will see a link “Apply coupon or gift card.”. Click on this link.
  3. Enter coupon code MAXHUG and click the arrow right next to it.
  4. Your discount is now applied.
Screenshot of Onnit website with red arrow that points to Your Bag Screenshots of the Onnit website with a guide on how to enter an Onnit coupon code

Why should I use your Onnit coupon code?

Instead of using a coupon site from a big corporate spammy coupon site, you are using the promocode MAXHUG from an independent content creator. I’m creating high quality & honest product reviews and every sale at Onnit with my coupon code supports the creation of new valuable content.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for supporting my be using my discount code at For every successful sale using my coupon code, Onnit pays me a small commission at no extra cost for you. This helps me create more content on biohacking, supplements, and holistic health.