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Kion is a biohacking products company founded by Ben Greenfield who is one of the most famous biohacking athletes and authors. Kion offers a small range of high end supplements and foods. Two of my favorite Kion products include: 1) The Kion coffee for my regular biohacking coffee and 2) The Kion clean energy bars. You can save 10% off your order at with my coupon code ‘MAXHUG’.

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On my YouTube channel you can find reviews of Kion products.

My Kion Coffee Review

I love KION Coffee. The clean quality and roast is very palpable for me and I high recommend KION Coffee. A classic italian coffee roast with flavors of almonds and cacao and a crisp fresh citrus kick. Totally recommend as black coffee as well as a biohacking keto butter blended coffee. In this video, I compare KION coffee with other biohacking coffee brands.

Kion Discount Code FAQ

Is there a coupon code for Kion?
Yes. Use coupon code MAXHUG for 10% off your order at KION /
How much discount can I get at Kion?
Any discount code at Kion will give you 10% off your order. This discount can be combined with subscription discounts.
Where do I enter my coupon code at
  1. Click on the cart icon in the upper right corner
  2. A Screnshot of with a guide on how to find the KION Cart Icon
  3. Click on Checkout
  4. In the checkout click in the field “Gift card or discount code” and enter coupon code MAXHUG – You will see the discount applied now
  5. A step by step instruction with Screenshots on how to apple the Kion discount code at
What discount code can I use for Ben Greenfield’s Kion products?
You can use discount code MAXHUG at Ben Greenfield’s website This coupon code will save you 10% on any of Ben’s products.
A bag of Kion Coffee infront of a Hario V60 coffee maker and a blender
My morning biohacking coffee brew with Kion coffee

Why should I use your Kion coupon code?

Instead of using a coupon site from a big corporate spammy coupon site, you are using the promocode MAXHUG from an independent content creator. I’m creating high quality & honest product reviews and every sale at Kion with my coupon code supports the creation of new valuable content.

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Instead of supporting spammy anonymous coupon sites, you are supporting an independent content creator, that actually creates value and honest reviews. Kion pays me a small commission for every sale with my coupon code at no extra cost for you.