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Last updated: December 16, 2023

Save 15%

You can save 15% with the coupon code MAXHUG on any order at Neurohacker Collective and save another 50% on your first Qualia subscription order.

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MAXHUG to your clipboard.

There is no need to search for other Neurohacker Collective coupons as all coupons give you the same 15% discount. When using my coupon code, you are supporting a content creator that is living and breathing biohacking and holistic health. There are no additional costs for you. You can even combine this code with the subscription discount. For the first month of a subscription, you get 50% off plus the 15% off through the coupon.

Neurohacker Discount Code FAQ

What is the Neurohacker discount code AND WHERE DO I ENTER IT?
The discount code is MAXHUG and you enter it in your cart as shown below.
How much can I save at Neurohacker?
You can save 15% with my coupon code on any order including one-time purchases and subscriptions. If you order a cancel-anytime-subscription you will get 50% off your first month plus 15% off with the discount code.
For which products can I use the discount code?
You can use the discount code for all Neurohacker Collective products including Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, Qualia Life, Qualia Skin, and Qualia Nootropic Energy.
Where can I find Neurohacker Collective coupons?
You just found the Neurohacker Collective coupon code on my supplements review blog. All coupons for Neurohacker Collective give you the same discount of 15%.
Are there Neurohacker Coupons with higher discounts?
No. All Neurohacker Promo Codes give you 15% off your order. You can save more when choosing a subscription.


I am using Neurohacker’s Qualia Mind for over a year now. You can read and watch my Qualia Mind review here. I also take Eternus multiple times per week to boost my immune system. You can also find reviews of Qualia Focus and the Qualia Nootropic Energy shot here. For me, Neurohacker sets the highest quality standards in supplements and nootropics.

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Instead of supporting spammy anonymous coupon sites, you are supporting an independent content creator, that actually creates value and honest reviews. Neurohacker Collective pays me a small commission for every sale with my coupon code at no extra cost for you.