Alpha Brain Review – Why I Quit My 30 Day Experiment (Side Effects)

Table of Contents Onnit Alpha BrainMy Nootropic Experiments & ApproachBenefit of Alpha BrainSide Effects of Alpha BrainExperiences from other UsersDo Your Own Experiments Onnit Alpha Brain Alpha Brain – similar to Qualia Mind – claims to increase cognitive performance. Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed.From Alpha Brain’s Website One […]

My Qualia Mind Review (30 Day Self-Experiment)

Qualia Mind Packshot with 154 Capsules Smart like a superhero? Imagine you would have one superpower. And this superpower would be: Being smart as f*ck. You would be super focused, sharp and witty. So you could: Learn a new language in a dayMeditate yourself into new spheresGet an MIT degreeOr simply go to a party […]

F*ck Goals? How Goals, Habits and Intentions Work Together

My 2050 podcast is all about life purpose and goals for the year 2050. F*ck Goals Now Aubrey Marcus is shouting out: “F*ck Goals”, go for intentions and James Clear focused in his recently published book Atomic Habits on – you guessed it – habits. He advocates “Forget About Setting Goals”. This blog post explains […]