On this page you find reviews of biohacking & flowhacking products & places.

Muse Headband EEG Review

  • Easy to use brain sensing headband 🧠
  • Includes an app that helps to establish a daily mindfulness / meditation practice 🧘🏻‍♂️
  • Price around 180 USD (Jan 2019)
  • Watch my Muse Headband review on YouTube
  • In a nutshell: I find it not that precise and reliable, but super interesting to measure the effects of different biohacking methods and it is a great way to start a daily mindfulness practice

Qualia Mind Review

  • Nootropic that can increase cognitive function incl. focus, alertness, meditation experience 💊
  • For me it took 2 weeks to feel the first effects
  • Effects for me:
    • Deeper in meditation
    • Faster in Flow
    • Heightend situational awareness
    • Clearer mind and higher awareness of own thoughts
  • Qualia Mind Review (Blog)
  • Qualia Mind Review (YouTube)

Onnit Alpha Brain Review

Qualia Focus Review

Oura Ring Review

  • Used by A LOT of Biohackers to track sleep quantity & quality
  • Did not work for me as the data seemed very inaccurate
  • Could be that Oura Ring was not suitable for my fingers and thereby had a hard time to measure accurate data