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If you want to improve your brain, memory, focus, or drive, you have come across Neurohacker’s range of nootropic stacks: Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind Caffeine Free, Qualia Mind Essentials, and Qualia Focus.

What’s the difference between all these Qualia products and which one is the best for you?

I tested all Qualia (Mind) products as part of my ongoing biohacking experiments in the past 3 years and here is my comparison and recommendation for you.

Last updated: July 2, 2022

Qualia Products In A Nutshell

Here is a quick overview of all Qualia products. My in-depth reviews are also linked.

Qualia Mind

Neurohacker’s Qualia Mind was the first high-end nootropic stack on the market.

It has been refined over the years and still is the high-end quality leader. In recent years other high priced stacks launched on the market but none comes close.

Qualia Mind in a nutshell:

  1. Quality & Category Leader in Nootropic Stacks – Highest End Product on the Market
  2. Supports Mental Performance, Improves Flow States, Deepens Meditation
  3. Active Ingredients: 28
  4. Regular Dosage: 7 capsules
  5. Price: $ 139 for 154 capsules = 28 days on regular dosage & cycling*
  6. Subscription: $ 69.50 first shipment, $ 119 thereafter (see deals & promo codes down below)

*Many people use a lower dosage and thereby one bottle lasts longer than 4 weeks. Details on dosing and cycling at the end of this article.

You can checkout my full Qualia Mind review here.

Qualia Mind in the Neurohacker Shop (USA, Canada, UK, Australia – Shops for other countries linked down at the end of this article)

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

Qualia Mind Caffeine is my personal favorite of all. It is basically the same product as Qualia Mind except for removing caffeine & theobromine from the formula.

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Caffeine and theobromine are stimulants that some people might be sensitive to. So if you feel shaky after drinking a cup of coffee, this version is for you.

The effects and benefits are pretty much the same as with Qualia Mind. Some people might feel that the effects of Qualia Mind Caffeine Free kicks in a bit slower.

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free in a nutshell:

  1. Same effect as Qualia Mind but more suitable for caffeine-sensitive people
  2. Active Ingredients: 26
  3. Regular Dosage: 7 capsules
  4. Price: $ 139 for 154 capsules = 28 days on regular dosage & cycling
  5. Subscription: $ 69.50 first shipment, $ 119 thereafter (see deals & promo codes down below)

See my full Qualia Mind Caffeine Free review here.

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free in the Neurohacker Store

Qualia Mind Essentials (not sold anymore)

Qualia Mind Essentials gave you 70% of the benefits of Qualia Mind for half the price.

Mind Essentials was a great lower price alternative if your supplement budget is restricted.

Unfortunately Neurohacker doesn’t sell Mind Essentials anymore as of July 2022.

A hand holding a bottle of Qualia Mind Essentials. In the background other Qualia bottles.

Qualia Mind Essentials in a nutshell:

  1. 70% of the benefits of Qualia Mind for half the price = Great value for money
  2. Improved Focus & Flow
  3. Active Ingredients: 24
  4. Regular Dosage: 5 capsules
  5. Price: $ 69 for 100 capsules = 28 days on regular dosage & cycling
  6. Subscription: $ 29 first shipment, $ 59 thereafter

Mind Essentials is a great lower price option and better than other nootropic stacks in this price range. I feel the focus and flow benefits of Qualia Mind, but the widened awareness seems somewhat less strong.

Qualia Focus

Qualia Focus is Neurohacker’s newest product.

This product was developed to compete with lower price mass market nootropic stacks.

It is probably the best nootropic stack in the range of up to 50 USD/month.

A bottle of Qualia Focus showing the supplement facts

Qualia Focus in a nutshell

  1. Low price and still effective
  2. Noticeably lesser effect than Qualia Mind but still palpable
  3. Formulated to support the production of BDNF for healthy brain function
  4. Active Ingredients: 14
  5. Regular dosage: 2 capsules
  6. Price: $ 39.50 for 40 capsules = 28 days regular dosage & cycling
  7. Subscription: $ 19.75 first shipment, $ 32.95 thereafter

The sad truth with most cheaper nootropic stacks is that they mostly lack in palpable effect.

I tried Qualia Focus for two weeks an noticed the following effects:

  1. Subtle but palpable focusing effect
  2. More drive & productivity

Compared to Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) it is weaker and not as “broad” in noticed effect but I definitely works for me.

Qualia Focus’ effect is bigger than any other lower price product I tried so far.

I am a bit caffeine sensitive, so the biggest downside for me personally are the 100 mg caffeine (in a 2 capsule dosage). I wish Neurohacker would bring out a caffeine-free version of Focus so I could use a dosage of 3 or 4 capsules a day.

If you are shopping in the $ 30 – 50 price range (and you are not caffeine-sensitive) this is the best pick.


These are some commonalties between all Qualia products:

  1. Developed by Neurohacker Collective, Carlsbad CA – A mission-driven Team with a scientific expert team
  2. Made in the USA in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility
  3. Cycling: It is recommended to use all products 5 days a week on and 2 days off – This should prevent your body from building up resistance against the active compounds.
  4. Dosage: I noticed that after taking a product for some time, I can take less capsules for the same effect. This seems to be due to overall better brain health after a while.
  5. Vegetarian capsules
  6. In my opinion: In each price range the offer the best product.

Learn more about the Neurohacker founding story from CEO James Schmachtenberger our YouTube interview:

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If you have any more questions on any Qualia products, leave a comment down below!

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