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Max with 4 different models of TrueDark glasses

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Junk Light and Blue Light Blockers

The term Junk Light refers to all artificial lightning coming from computer screens, smartphones, light fixtures, and other devices. 

Our human bodies developed over tens of thousands of years without being exposed to junk light sources. Our circadian rhythms were adapted to the natural sunrise and sunset.

Adding artificial blue lights to our lives throughout the day and especially in the evenings seems to worsen our sleep. Our circadian rhythm gets confused. Circadian rhythms are so important that in 2017 the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.

TrueDark Concept

The idea behind TrueDark is to block out those junk lights and thereby protect our body from unnatural light spectrums. In the biohacking community, blue light blockers are commonly recommended to improve sleep quality.

Dave Asprey, who is probably the most famous biohacker on the planet, set out to design a complete 24 hour solution with different types of junk light blocking lenses. That’s how TrueDark started.

TrueDark Models For Different Times Of The Day

TrueDark offers different types of lens colors. It makes sense to use at least 2 different pairs of them for different times of the day. Here is a quick overview of all lens colors and special models.

Overview chart that shows how different TrueDark glasses block different amount of junk light
Good overview on different lenses and their filtering – From, accessed March, 30 – 2022

Daytime: Daylights Clear Lenses

The clear lenses of the Daylights Transition are the most undercover normal-looking glasses. Great for using in the (home) office and outdoors.

  • Clear lenses
  • For indoor & outdoor daytime use
  • 40% blue spectrum & 99% UVA/UVB blocked
  • Socially acceptable look

I use these from noon to afternoon when working on screens in my home office. They look like regular glasses.

2 Pairs of TrueDark junk light blockers
A clear lense TrueDark model “Daylight Transition Aviator” on top and a yellow lense model “Daylights Elite” on the bottom

Daytime / Afternoon: Daylights Yellow Lenses

The TrueDark Daylights are designed for people who work or live in places lit with artificial blue light-emitting fixtures and have jobs that require a lot of screentime (computers, smartphones, TVs).

  • Yellow lenses
  • For daytime indoor use
  • Blocks 75% of blue light
  • Biohacker’s / Fear And Loathing look

I wear these in the afternoon and often get asked by my colleagues about them. They are definitely not “undercover” like the clear lenses. For me this is fine and I like to spread the message about harmful junk lights and enlighten my coworkers.

Evening / Nighttime: Twilights Red Lenses

The red lenses of the Twilights models are meant to be worn 30 minutes to 2 hours before going to bed. The Twilights block up to 100% of blue light (depending on the model).

  • Red or red gradient lenses
  • For indoor resting before bed 
  • Blocks 85 to 100% of blue, green, and violet wavelengths
  • Maximum light blockage 
  • Darken your view
Two TrueDark glasses with red lenses
Top: TrueDark Sunset Twilights Aviators, Bottom: TrueDark Twilights Elite

I use my Twilights Classic an hour before going to bed. They make my view a bit darker. This means, when without Twilights, I could see where I am going without additional light, now I need to turn on the lights.

If you want to see more in the evening, I recommend the Twilights Gradient lenses which are more suited for working and seeing a more.

They feel relaxing to me and I fall asleep faster.

Different Styles

All of the different lens colors are available in multiple styles. The mostly only differ in form but not in function, for some exceptions.

TrueDark Twilights Sunset

The Sunset models have a red gradient lens with a more orange color at the bottom. This is useful when still wanting to read or look at screens in the evening.

TrueDark Fitover Models

The Fitover models are available as yellow (Daylights) and red (Twilights). These are specifically designed to fit over your regular prescription glasses.

TrueDark Twilight Classic

The Twilight Classic glasses are the weirdest looking style of TrueDark and also the most effective and blocking junk lights.

They have a soft padding on the edges and prevent lightspill coming in from the sides. They block 100% of blue, green, and violet light. 

These are my favorites for the evening, because they really block out more than any other model. I notice the effect within minutes. Definitely not recommend for going out the house.

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