Qualia Resilience – My Review & Resilience Routines

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I tested Neurohacker’s Qualia Resilience for 30 days and here is my review on it. At the end I’ll also share some free hacks you can do to improve your resilience.

Interview with Gregory Kelly, Lead Formulator

I interviewed Gregory Kelly Lead Formulator at Neurohacker Collective on Qualia Resilience.

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What Is Resilience?

Psychological resilience is the ability to cope mentally or emotionally with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly.


I would add these two questions for you:

  1. How do you deal with daily challenges or stressful situations? 
  2. How quickly do you recover from challenges?

The Idea behind Qualia Resilience

Neurohacker Collective is known for its high-end nootropic stack Qualia Mind – A supplement used to improve mental performance.

Stress is a big topic today and Neurohacker was looking into supplements that can help deal with stress better. Many existing supplements for relaxing and anti-stress have a big downside: You might lose motivation and mental performance.

Neurohacker’s idea was to combine ingredients that help people deal with stress and but also help to think better and stay motivated.

Qualia Resilience Ingredients

So what’s in Qualia Resilience and why? Neurohacker uses thoroughly studied and researched ingredients in this formula.

Qualia Resilience contains:

  • 17 active ingredients
  • 7 B vitamins
  • 4 adaptogens
  • 2 amino acids
  • 2 fruit extracts
  • 72 trace minerals
A hand holds a bottle of Qualia Resilience showing the ingredient list table
A hand holds a bottle of Qualia Resilience showing the ingredient list table

See all ingredients in the table above.

I want to highlight these 3 ingredients as I haven’t seen this combination in any other supplement:

Extramel is a standardized and studied extract of cantaloupe melon which contains high amounts of superoxide dismutase (SOD). Extramel is produced by a french company showed in studies to provide support for stress, fatigue, and cognition performance (Pubmed 24949549).

Noogandha is a new liposomal version of the popular ashwagandha. The “Noo” in Noogandha stands for nootropic. One of the things that can happen for some people when they take other ashwagandha forms is that they lose some motivation. The Noogandha was developed to have the positive effect of ashwagandha but without losing motivation.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) has been studied and used as an adaptogen for decades in the former Soviet Union.

If you haven’t checked out my interview above with Greg yet, I’d recommend you to do so to learn more about the “Why” of the ingredients.

My 30-Day Experience

As a biohacking content creator I test a lot of different supplements every year. Some of the products stick with me for a long time and some won’t. 

I am quite a relaxed person and I’ll share some resilience hacks down below that you don’t need any supplements for.

I have a full-time job which can include a heavy and complex workload changing each week. So generally I could get stressed easily but I consciously use some routines to relax, recover, and improve my resilience.

I tested Qualia Resilience for 4 weeks and I won’t continue to use it. Why? I am relaxed already and rarely ever feel stressed.

On the positive note: Qualia Resilience did not have any negative side effects for me. I didn’t feel any loss of motivation or sleepiness.

So I would generally recommend to try it out if you feel stressed and the need for more resilience. I’d also recommend you to check out some of the resilience routines down below.

Try Qualia Resilience for 22 USD

Wanna try Qualia Reslience?

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You can also combine the Neurohacker promo code MAXHUG with the subscription discount (50% off your first month). When you do this you get your first bottle of Qualia Resilience for only 22.10 USD (+ tax & shipping).

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Resilience Hacks

I am quite a relaxed person and feel my resilience is high enough that I don’t need a supplement for resilience. Here I’ll share 5 hacks or routines to increase your resilence.


You heard this one 100 times before. But it’s true: Meditation can have a tremendous effect on your mental and overall well being which has been proven by thousands of studies. Start with a tiny but daily routine of 5 minutes meditation. 

App recommendation: Headspace.

No Work after Work

I love Cal Newport’s concepts of the shut down routine and “no work after work”.

Turn off your phone, notifications, emails etc. – Don’t be reachable. You gotta relax deeply to fully recover and perform the next work day.

Book recommendation: Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Subtract / Do Less But Better

What activities and tasks are really necessary to do? 

Can you have less on your plate?

“Do less but better” is one of the things I took away from the book Essentialism by Greg McKweon.

Positive Storytelling

Greg mentions the power of our minds and stories in our interview.

What are the stories you tell yourself about yourself? 
Tell yourself empowering stories about yourself. 

I am strong and resilient. I am getting my task down in a calm joyful and present way. I do my best and that’s enough.

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