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You’ll probably know that gluten is really bad for you. It causes all sorts of problems in your body. So how can you enjoy a gluten containing meal and get away with it?

That’s the reason BiOptimizers created Gluten Guardian. I have used Gluten Guardian for over a year now and here is my story and review.

My Gluten Guardian Video Review

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My Story & The Downsides of Eating Gluten-Free

I switched to a 95 – 100% gluten-free diet around 2 years ago and noticed a huge benefit from eating less gluten. I feel more energised throughout the day and my body feels better overall.

One of the “downsides” of eating clean and gluten-free foods is increased sensitivity to unclean food and gluten. I got very sensitive to gluten even though I was having gluten meals daily before improving my diet.

When I went out to an Italian restaurant and got a Pizza, I would get stomach pain and headache within 10 – 15 minutes of eating.

When we would go to a restaurant with friends, I would have to ask “Is this gluten-free?” and often the waiters didn’t even know. Many meals that could be made gluten-free are often made with gluten in restaurants. It became really frustrating to eat out.

So I decided to never eat gluten again.
Just kidding.

Have you ever tried gluten-free Pizza?
Let’s be real: This doesn’t taste like a real Pizza.

So I had to find a way to still enjoy a gluten containing meal every now and then but without the stomach pain and headache.

That’s when Gluten Guardian came into my life.

What is Gluten?

Gluten are proteins found in wheat. Gluten is used in many foods because

a) it is cheap and

b) makes really nice sticky doughs needed for Pizza, Pasta, Cakes, Cookies, and lots of other delicious things.

The reason many gluten-free products lack in overall taste is due to the missing stickiness of the dough.

The problem: Gluten causes inflammation in the gut that can lead to all sorts of problems in your body.

What are Enzymes?

In a nutshell: Enzymes are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions and thereby improve digestion.

What is Gluten Guardian?

Gluten Guardian is a blend of 10 digestive enzymes to improve the digestion of protein and carbohydrates.

Gluten Guardian includes 6 enzymes for protein digestion:

  1. Peptidase DPP-IV
  2. Protease
  3. Neutral Bacterial Protease
  4. Alkaline Protease
  5. Acid Stable Protease
  6. AstraZyme*

Gluten Guardian includes 4 enzymes for carb digestion:

  • Amylase
  • Bacterial Amylase
  • Lactase
  • Glucoamylase

*Note on AstraZyme: This is a blend by itself and helps to increase the effectiveness of the other enzymes.

The capsule is made of rice extract (vegetable cellulose and water). Gluten Guardian does not use any fillers.

This combination of carb and protein enzymes make a lot of sense. When you eat gluten (a protein) you will usually eat it in a carb-heavy meal (e.g. pizza, pasta, bread, cookies).

Does it work? My Experience

Yes, it works.
To a certain extend.

These days I go once a month to my favourite Italian restaurant and enjoy whatever I want. I will bring my bottle of Gluten Guardian with me and have 3 to 5 capsules with the meal. I will feel fine after the meal.

A hand holding a bottle of biOptimizers Gluten Guardian infront of a Pizza
Enjoying a delcious italian pizza without that gluten stomach pain? Works for me, thanks to Gluten Guardian!

So it feels really great to eat whatever I want, enjoy time with friends when eating out or get a fresh croissant on the weekends.

There are limits to what Gluten Guardian can do.

We went to Lugano (a city in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland) recently and stayed in a hotel with a very nice breakfast buffet. I had a gluten breakfast, with bread and a croissant. I took my 4 caps of Gluten Guardian and felt fine after the breakfast.

Later the day I ate a pizza for lunch. I took my 4 caps of Gluten Guardian and… I still had a stomach upset and felt quite low energy for some hours. I think this was just too much gluten in one day.

So there might be a point where you will “overdose” on gluten and you might still feel the pain – Which is actually good reaction.

Here is why: Gluten is still very bad for our bodies and getting away with a cheat meal once a day during vacation or once a week is okay. Living an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. eating gluten 3 times a day) and hoping that some pills will fix it doesn’t make sense.

In conclusion: Gluten Guardian is a great biohacking tool for a cheat meal every now and then.

Gluten Guardian Croissant Experiment

Check out this experiment I did with Gluten Guardian and 2 delicious gluten croissants:

I cut a croissant in half and put each half in a bowl.

The first bowl was filled with water only. The second bowl was filled with water and the content of 3 gluten guardian capsules.

The left bowl was filled with water only. The right bowl was filled with water and the content of 3 Gluten Guardian capsules.

I let both croissants soak in the water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I took a spoon, to swirl around the croissants a bit and check their consistency.

The croissant in the first bowl (water only) turned into a wet croissant. But it was still one big piece.

The croissant in the second bowl (water + 3 capsules of Gluten Guardian) easily fell apart. It dissolved a lot better than the first croissant.

After 1 hour and a little stirring in both bowls. You can see that right croissant dissolved way better.

Isn’t this crazy?

You can really see how the enzymes do the work and dissolve the croissant.

Pricing of Gluten Guardian

Here is a breakdown of the actual costs and some special deals for my readers.

1 bottle of BiOptimizers Gluten Guardian contains 90 capsules. I usually take 4 capsules per cheat meal. So that equals 22.5 cheat meals. Having one cheat meal a week means that one bottle easily lasts 4 to 5 months for me.

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