On this page you will find an overview of tools to help you with Biohacking & Flow. If you have any suggetion for products to add, feel free to write a comment down below.

Last updated: October 20, 2019.

Biohacking Tools

Flow Tools

The number one rule of flow is ‘Flow follows Focus’. And to protect your focus, here are some tools I use to stay focused while using the internet:

Facebook News Feed Eradicator

Link to Facebook News Feed Eradicator (Chrome Extension)

Helps you stay focused when you do business tasks on Facebook – So you don’t get distracted by cat videos.

Adblock Plus

Link to Adblock Plus (Extension for different Browsers)

Increases your Focus through less ads on the internet.

Inbox When Ready

Link to Inbox When Ready (Chrome Extension)

You probably know this situation: You want to write an email to someone. You open your Gmail and as soon as your opened Gmail you read all the subjects and the preview texts of all new mails. Something “important” catches your eye and you open the mail. Someone wants something FROM YOU. Now you search a file or think about how to respond… but WAIT! What did you want to do again when you first opened Gmail? Ah right.. You wanted to write an email to move forward with aYOUR OWN task.. But now you are distracted from your task and lost your focus. This awesome extension hides your inbox until you click on a specific button. Priceless Extension that allows you to write an email and stay focused on your task.

Empty New Tab Page

Link to Empty New Tab Page (Chrome Extension)

Instead of distraction yourself with thumbnails of recently visited websites and a Google searchbar just see an empty white page when you open a new tab in Chrome.