max hug


max hug

My Why

In my early twenties I took the bodhisattva vow to realize full enlightenment in this life.

I always felt that it is my purpose to empower others on their path.

This is the greatest gift I can give in this life.

“To learn is the same as to teach.”

The Ra Material – The Law of One: Book 1​

My Path

Engaged in profound dialogue with a Buddhist monk in Nepal, deepening my understanding of karma and life’s complexities.

Committed and established a daily Meditation practice that would start to transform my life and those around me.

Completed my first week-long meditation retreat in a buddhist temple and started to inspire others to start with their meditation practice.

Recorded my first guided meditations to get more people on the path of Meditation.

Published my first podcast on human potential which reached 250,000 people in the following years.

Explored a Year of Holistic Personal Development in Aubrey Marcus’ Fit For Service Mastermind.

Completed Paul Chek’s Holistic Lifestyle Coach program to master my own holistic health and empower others to do the same.

 Worked with the most scientifically validated Awakening protocol and transitioned to persistent Awakening in Divine Love (Location 3 on the Martin Matrix).

Traveled six months across Europe to continue further on my holistic Awakening path. I connected and learned from my teachers through immersive trainings and workshops in Meditation, Divine Energy Healing, Forest Guiding, and Voice. Deepened in Non-dual Awakening.

The few whom you will illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for greatest possible effort.
To serve one is to serve all.

The Ra Material – The Law of One: Book 1​