Eternus Discount Code

Save 15% with the promo code: MAXHUG

Do you want to improve your cell energy for better aging with Neurohacker’s new product: Eternus?

Enter the discount code MAXHUG in the checkout of the Neurohacker Collective shop and save 15% on all orders and products including Eternus.

It even works on the monthly Eternus subscription so save even more. Since Neurohacker Collective offers a huge discount on the first month ($79.50 instead of $139) – You can get one bottle (one month supply) of Eternus for less than $70 with my code.

A bottle of Neurohacker's Eternus with some pills
A bottle of Neurohacker Collective’s Eternus with some pills

Checkout this awesome GIF I made on Giphy. It shows you where to apply the discount code. Just in case you didn’t take your Qualia Mind today and can’t find the promo code field 😄:


PS: If you are looking for a Qualia Mind discount code, you can still use the same code or checkout this article.