Apartment in Parzanica, Italy

Hi Flowhackers! This is the first post of a new series I call Flowy Places where I share with you the places that help me to get into Flow. External factors like a rich environments and optimized workplaces can help you to get into Flow faster and deeper.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen that I went to Northern Italy.

I had to do some important business decisions and wanted to get a new perspective on it. Also I wanted to do a self organized meditation retreat for some days.

Flowy Place: Parzanica

A ca. 60 minute drive from Bergamo Airport lays a village in the mountains called Parzanica.

It would say it is pretty perfect for a Flow retreat. The only downside was the construction site. So I would not go there in the next 3 – 4 months (Until March 2018)… at least not on the weekdays. Tip: Ask Giovanni (Airbnb host) about the situation with the construction site before hand.

Flow Factor

Food: 4 / 5

Healthy Environment

Supermarkets: 4/5
All sorts of locally grown veggies, few organic items, healthy food availabe

Cuisine: 4/5 Mostly Italian
Tastes really good, I did not see any health focused places though

Kitchen: 3/5
New, Clean, Kitchen Appliances: Medium quality, No dishwasher

Silence during the day: 5
If you don’t count the temporary construction site

Sleep Hygiene: 5
99% dark + silent at night.

Clean Air: 5

Rich Environment 5 / 5

View: 5
Amazing View, Nice places around the lake to work.

Nature: 4
Be in awe of the natural beauty around the Lake Iseo.

Clean Air: 5
Few air pollution since there are nearly no cars driving around. Also no pollen flying around (good for people with pollen allergy).

Also cool: Drive to Parzanica village center and hike up the path to Santa Trinita church on top of the mountain (969 meters above sea level) for an amazing panoramic view on Lago d’Iseo and the alps.

Business Workplace 3 / 5

Desk & Chair: 3
Simple Desk & Chair (Enough for a 90 – 120 minute Flow session)

Internet Speed: 4
Down/up: 10 / 1 Mbit

Extras: Display (TV) with HDMI port (Bring a HDMI cable)

Sport Possibilities 2 / 5

I did not try out anything there. But I saw you can do waterskiing & wakeboarding on the lake. And riding down the mountain streets with a mountain bike seems to be fun to. I did not see any official trails down the mountains though. You can use the pool (unheated) in the complex or take a cold dip in the lake.

Embodied Cognition Possibilities 4/5

Locations in / at the the apartment: 4
Locations nearby / in nature: 4
Yoga Studios / Pilates etc: I did not check it.

You can hike up the mountain or just drive up the mountain street up to 800 meters, enjoy the view and silently or do your favorite embodied cognition practices. I did not check if there are any Yoga studies around.

Total Flow Factor: 4 / 5

Best Time

The best time to go there is October, November, February and March.
During these months you get the off-season silence (& prices) for absolute silence and focus. The temperature is still quite warm (don’t trust the weather apps for this location – It’s was very different from my weather app. Usually anything better than “rain + lots of clouds” was actually sunny. Since there is little wind it coming to the apartment it will feel warm enough to sit outside in lightweight clothes. Also the weather can be very different between 160 m (524 ft) above sea level and 800 m (2624 ft) above sea level.

One street infront of the apartment where maybe every 10 minutes one car drives and they mostly drive quite Fiat cars. No nothing to really bother. Since there was a newly construction site 200 m away from the apartment I would wait at least 3 months for my next trip there and ask Giovanna (the Airbnb host) upfront if there is any construction or renovation still going on. A dog barks on the neighbouring property.. Which I actually found useful to sleep.


Airbnb Listing

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